Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DoIT Versus Lynda.com Trainings

Between the online and in-person training session for WordPress, I thought that the online training was easier and more applicable to me. The online training was easier to follow along with at my own pace; I could also choose the things that I wanted to learn and skip over the things I already knew. Furthermore, I was able to go at my own pace and rewind the video in order to understand the concepts better. The online training was also more content rich. There were many videos to choose from that catered to different learning levels. I started with a beginner level, but realized I could move up because of prior experiences with the medium. If I were to advise an LIS professional in how to learn to use these tools, I would need to know what kind of, if any, experience they had with the tool. If a person is already familiar with a tool, I would recommend the online training, or request an in-person, one-on-one session with a DoIT staff member. I think the in-person training is great for people who have never used the tool or other tools like it before. Because I had prior experience, I was not as willing to raise my hand and ask questions. I think if I knew nothing of WordPress or any type of blog tool before this experience, I would have asked more questions. In advising an LIS professional, I would recommend for them to start with the in-person training. After the basics were down, I would recommend the online training for more specialized tasks.

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