Sunday, March 30, 2014

Do You Trust Wikipedia? | The Rubin Report

Based on debates on advantages and disadvantages of Wikipedia from this week’s readings, I found a video of The Rubin Report on the topic: Do you trust Wikipedia?
The report discusses about a controversial topic that Wikipedia has made an unprecedented admission that its site is being manipulated by paid PR people and "sock puppets" using false online identities to change entries. The report points out a lot of interesting facts, like the Wikimedia Foundation revealed that some 250 "sock puppets" have been blocked or banned after being found to have carried out "non-neutral editing" of Wikipedia pages. The Guests, Max Lugavere and Bryn Mooser, also question Wikipedia’s accuracy when it comes to anything political or hits on hot button social issues and anything having to do with a company, company product or public person. I think this report is a good jumping off point lead to more thought because it provides some controversial points.

Dave Rubin, Max Lugavere, Bryn Mooser. “Do You Trust Wikipedia? | The Rubin Report.” YouTube. Oct 25, 2013. Web. Mar 29,2014.

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