Sunday, March 9, 2014

Failing to Close the ‘Digital Divide’

When I was searching for more information about the digital divide, especially the relationship between libraries and the digital divide, I found an interesting debate titled "Do we still need libraries" that was conducted by the New York Times. The discussion came from a report of the New York Times, which claimed that "many public libraries are seeing an opportunity to fill the void created by the loss of traditional bookstores" and tried to think about the goals and future development of libraries.

One of the debaters, Susan Crawford, who is a visiting professor at the Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School, made a very impressive debate about the difficulties that most public libraries are faced with in the 21st century while attempting to close the "digital divide" in the United States, named "Failing to Close the ‘Digital Divide’". I think it could be enlightening for us to better understand the digital divide as a future librarian.

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