Monday, March 3, 2014

Comparison of Tech Training Sessions

Of the two methods of training we encountered for this class, I think I benefited most from the in-person training. They were both very effective methods of gaining information, but as a learner, I absorb information better if there is a person right in front of me that I can ask questions. It was helpful also to have the instructor using a projector to show the information, as well as providing us all with computers to follow along. I found it very difficult with the online training to follow along in my own excel document as well as pay attention to what the video was saying. In-person training allowed me to follow along and make sure I was doing it right.

There were some benefits to the online training that the in-person training did not have. It was nice to be able to work at my own pace. I could pause and get snacks, or rewind the video if I got stuck on a certain area. In –person training would have required raising my hand and holding up the process for everyone else. However, it was much easier to get distracted during the online training, because there was no one to hold me accountable for the time I spent. However, I think the online training was more content rich and should definitely be utilized for LIS professionals. It is great for learning skills quickly and easily if you are good at picking things up on your own. It is a very beneficial resource.

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