Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wiki and Women Scientist

I managed to find another article about an issue that concerns the Royal Society for this week. I know that UW-Madison held an edit-athon for Wikipedia recently for international women's day and when I looked for more information, this article came up. This article talks about the lack of information on women scientists on Wikipedia. The article says that the Royal Society helped throw an edit-athon for Wikipedia on March 4th of this year. Its goal was to increase women contributors to the site and taught users new to editing how-to in a crash course during the event. This article mentioned a lot of thing that were discussed in the reading for this week and proves that areas such as science worry about who is contributing to Wikipedia and what is or is not being covered.

Nicola Davis, "Stop Female Scientists Being Written Out of Wikipedia History," The Observer, February 22, 2014,

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