Thursday, March 27, 2014

Final Project Top 3 Resources

Scratch in Public and School Libraries For Upper Elementary School Children

1. “Mitch Resnick: Let’s Teach Kids to Code | Talk Video | TED.” Accessed March 27, 2014.

Mitch Resnick from the MIT media lab did a TED Talk about why coding is beneficial to kids. Resnick was part of the group that created Scratch. The benefit of this video is in hearing directly from one of the people closest to the development of Scratch.

2. Young, Jeffrey R. “Fun, Not Fear, Is at the Heart of Scratch, a New Programming Language.” Chronicle of Higher Education 53, no. 46 (July 20, 2007): A27–A27.

This article uses explains many of Mitch Resnick’s ideals behind creating Scratch. Other computer science professors comment on Scratch and what makes it popular and accessible way for kids to learn computer programing.

3. Chris O’Brien. “O’Brien: How Kids Can Make Their Own Video Games.” San Jose Mercury News, August 17, 2012.

This article is great because it is written by a parent who is not a computer programmer. The author’s kids showed interest in creating their own video games. After some research, he discovered several programs, including Scratch, that he and his kids could use, as well as a program at their local library.

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