Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wikipedia and Censorship

With the debates about Wikipedia's credibility, I found it interesting that co-founder Jimmy Wales declared that Wikipedia "will never comply with government request to restrict information in China". There are few website that refuse to do so, and Wikipedia is considering offering an encrypted version of the website to bypass China's firewalls blocking controversial content. Wales calls the website censorship a restriction to the human right of access to education and knowledge. Beijing only succeeded in banning the website from 2005-2007, and it has since been generally available. However, there are still several barriers that remain in place to access the site, especially in areas where fees are charged to view non-Chinese websites. There are also general instances of censorship within Wikipedia, and an example of this can be seen when French secret service agents were accused of censorship after threatening to charge and arrest a volunteer for uploading supposedly classified information.

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