Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ebooks and the Public Library

1. Stephens, W. (2012). In a More Digital Direction. Young Adult Library Services, 10(4), 28-30. This article discusses the use of e-readers and e-books among teenagers, and how librarians can serve teens using ebooks. The author presents interviews with several teens and their use of ebooks, and their opinions of electronic versus print resources. 

2. Fieldhouse, M., & Marshall, A. (2012). Collection development in the digital age. London: Facet Publishing. This book discusses the complications and possibilities with collection development and management in the digital age. It is cross-sectoral and uses international sources, using information from practitioners and academics. Issues discussed range from outsourcing in public libraries, to information literacy, to supporting online collections. 

3. Library use of e-books. New York: Primary Research Group. This source represents a questionnaire and summary of main findings surrounding ebook use and distribution, information literacy, eaudiobooks, smart phones and ebooks, and more. It talks about issues with cataloguing, interlibrary loan, print vs. online, ebooks and electronic course reserves, pricing, and planning.

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