Monday, March 31, 2014

Top 3 Resources: WordPress in Libraries

1. Jones, K. M. L, & Farrington, P. (2011). Using WordPress as a library content management system. Chicago, IL: ALA TechSource.

This is a library technology report that introduces how to provide simple access to the patrons of libraries. It consists all the information that a library would need during the process of using WordPress to build a library content management system.

2. Jones, K. (2011). WordPress as Library CMS. American Libraries, 42(5/6), 34.

The article discusses the use of the electronic publishing platform WordPress as a tool for content management systems (CMS) in libraries. The authors argue that WordPress allows different library staff members separate design and maintenance tasks and contribute and edit to the site as needed without having to understand the more technical aspects to web site construction.

3. Farkas, M. (2008). Our new website is a blog: Using wordpress for content management. American Libraries, 39(9), 45.

The article introduces how to use WordPress as a content management website in a web 2.0 era and it mainly tells readers that Wordpress allows for the creation and management of blog posts and static pages, and thus can be used by librarians to post both timely and permanent content.

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