Saturday, March 22, 2014

Technology Analysis Project

Technology: Goodreads
Context: As a powerful tool for readers advisory and a new way for librarians and patrons to connect and share information
Audience: Public library users

I only considered Goodreads account as a tool to record books I read before. However, according to OCLC’s announcement in 2012, OCLC encourages libraries to join the Goodreads site and create a library “group” page, which will now be listed at the top of the “group” page. Therefore, I am interested in how public libraries to make good use of Goodreads. Based on partnership between OCLC and Goodreads, I will attempt to explore the way for public libraries to use Goodreads to outreach to Generation Y patrons who make greater use of social networking software. Meanwhile, I am interested in what are users’ responses to this new tool that libraries use for promotion.

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