Sunday, March 9, 2014

Carolina Business Review - Digital Divide

While searching for more information on the digital divide, I came across this episode of the Carolina Business Review, a program produced by South Carolina Public Television. It features a panel of four people from the private and public sectors with a moderator, and they debate/discuss topics of the day. Here they examine the digital divide. Many of the articles and discussions about the digital divide come from an academic viewpoint, so it is quite interesting to see business/economic perspectives on this topic. They also debate the pros and cons of both private and public solutions to the digital divide.

The panel on this episode consisted of the following:

Angie Bailey - Director, NC Broadcast Division

Dirk Brown, PhD, MBA - Director, Faber Entrepreneurship Center, Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina

Joe Freddoso - President and CEO, MCNC

John Warner - Founder and CEO, InnoVenture, LLC

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