Sunday, March 9, 2014

Training Reflection

After participating in online training through with HTML courses and in-person training through DoIT about, I found both of them content-rich and I was very much satisfied with enlightening understanding and skills about web design that they provided. Therefore, I would advise other LIS professionals to take advantage of both the two trainings. But personally, I would prefer online training at first. 

The most amazing part about the online training session was that you would be totally free to choose whatever tutorials that you found interesting and get start to learn about it immediately no matter when or where. Moreover, during the study, you could pause, replay or do whatever that would help you better understand the knowledge with your learning tutorial resources. You would be able to study anywhere that could be the most comfortable place to you, like your own apartment, with some snack or a cup of coffee. For some people like me, this could be the most flexible and efficient way to study. 

However, the in-person training also had some advantages. Compared with online training, the best part of DoIT course was the quick response of the teachers. When I was having my WordPress training in the classroom, I could ask for help about anything that I was confused about and get the answer immediately. Such a convenient class interaction, not only between students and teachers, but also among classmates themselves, would be very helpful and efficient during the learning process. 

In conclusion, I think online training would be a great beginning of study with abundant resources and choices, especially for those people who would enjoy individual learning environment. On the other hand, in-person training would be efficient and informative when people were trying to understand a specific object, and this kind of tutorials could be very helpful for students who prefer to study with communication. 

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