Monday, March 31, 2014

History of wikis

Reading this week's articles, I was interested to find out a little more about the history of wikis. Up until maybe high school, I thought that a "wiki" just meant Wikipedia because it was the wiki I was most familiar with. Given that this week's topic is Wikipedia and collaborative production of information, I naturally turned to Wikipedia to learn more. This Wikipedia article breaks down wiki history into several year chunks and compares with what was happening in Internet culture at the time.

I'm also interested in how fan communities online are using wikis to compile vast amounts of information specific to fandoms--like wikis about the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings universes. This essay by media scholar Jason Mittell delves into fan culture and wikis have helped shape each other. He believes that certain aspects about wiki-dom, such as the freedom they give the average Internet user, have help shape fan culture into the widespread Internet phenomena we see today.

Mittell, Justin. "Fan Wikis as Participatory Culture." Just TV. 2010. Web. March 2014.

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