Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wikipedia LOVES Libraries!

With all the emphasis about Wikipedia in our readings for this week, I chose a resource from Wikipedia itself. Wikipedia Loves Libraries is a project page that describes an initiative for Wikipedia-Library collaboration. Events typically happen during Open Access Week (November/December) and include panel discussions, workshops, and edit-a-thons for Wikipedians and library patrons alike. This page is continually changing and was last updated on March 24. There are many links to follow up on, where you can read about edit-a-thons that have happened around the world or find resources for your library to join the initiative. This resource and the events it inspires are great reminders of the benefits of Wikipedia and collaborative information resources. I think as information professionals, we are inclined to dismiss Wikipedia as unreliable resource. "Wikipedia Loves Libraries" is an opportunity for librarians and information professionals to actively advocate for this collaborative resource.

“Wikipedia:Wikipedia Loves Libraries.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, March 24, 2014. 

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