Monday, March 31, 2014

Flickr: Bibliography of Sources

1. Ekart, D. (2010). Tech tips for every librarian. Flickr four by four. Computers In Libraries, 30(7), 46-47.

Article describes in brief but in detail four uses of Flickr for libraries: as a display for online exhibitions, as participation Mecca, as community collection of local history, as gateway and discovery tool for digital collection site.

2. Kalfatovic, M. R., Kapsalis, E., Spiess, K. P., Van Camp, A., & Edson, M. (2008). Smithsonian Team Flickr: a library, archives, and museums collaboration in web 2.0 space. Archival Science, 8(4), 267-277.

Started as a collaborative space for library, archives, museum, and technology staff units of Smithsonian Institution, Flickr became a major communication pathway for knowledge dissemination of professionally curated collection. Smithsonian was the fourth member of the Commons - a forum for cultural institutions to discuss and share their rich collections.

3. Terras, M. (2011). The digital wunderkammer: Flickr as a platform for amateur cultural and heritage content. Library Trends, 59(4), 686-706.

Article looks at the use of images outside the usual context of cultural institutions and beyond their regular work with collections of materials. It describes the examples when collections become useful and visible in online environment, the instances when Flickr gives a new and central point for communication between libraries’ communities and becomes a gateway for patrons - institutions communication.

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