Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top 3 sources: Librarians on Tumblr

1. McArdle, Molly. "The Library Is Open: A Look at Librarians and Tumblr."Library Journal: Reviews. 2013. Web. March 2014.

This article, written for Library Journal, is aimed at librarians and gives an introduction to the benefits of Tumblr as a blogging platform. It gives new users an overview of librarian-on-Tumblr basics, like which bloggers curate lists of library and librarian blogs, and which tags are most popular among librarians for sharing information. 

2. Davis, Hayes. "Why 2013 Is the Year You Need to Get Serious About Tumblr." Forbes. 2014. Web. March 2014.

This article outlines how different entities are using Tumblr and the ways in which Tumblr is more effective than other social networking sites like Twitter. It also gives new bloggers insight into Tumblr's potential and cites several examples of how brands are taking advantage of Tumblr to market themselves. 

3. Tkacik, Kate. "Tumblrarian 101:  Tumblr for Librarians and Libraries." Library Journal: The Digital Shift. 2012. Web. March 2014.

This piece is written by the librarian who curates the more or less offical list of libraries and librarians on Tumblr. Her article is a great jumping off point for librarians who want to get into the blogging world. She emphasizes the importance of tagging posts when it comes to communication. She also gives advice to librarian bloggers who want to gain more followers and focus the content of their blog. 

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