Sunday, March 9, 2014

Comparing Online and In-person Training

Both the online and in-person training sessions were very useful and informative for understanding web design. I would recommend them both to other LIS professionals, but based on their preferred learning style, they will probably find one suits them more than the other. Personally, I preferred the online training.

The online tutorials I selected dealt with not just blogging software, but other important web design concepts like scripting and file formats. Therefore, I was able to tailor my training to cover the topics which interested me. There was no opportunity to customize the in-person training. In addition, I could watch the online tutorials at my leisure. I could pause the videos in order to take notes, and I could re-watch a segment if I did not fully understand it the first time. The in-person training was too fast paced to allow me to take notes while still keeping up with the instruction.

However, the in-person training had several advantages over the online tutorials. Obviously, it had actual people to assist when one became confused or encountered a problem. Also, because the instructor presented on a separate screen, it was easier to work along simultaneously. To do so in the online training would require splitting the screen or switching back and forth. This is much more inefficient. Finally, I paid closer attention in-person because I knew it was a one-time event.

For people like me who prefer slower-paced learning, I recommend starting with online tutorials. Others, whose attention may wander or who prefer more efficient, hands-on learning, should start with in-person training.

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