Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Phone Charger the Size of a Credit Card Soon to be Available

The Rainie article for this week really resonated with me; a breakdown for the use of cell phones to access "just-in-time" information is something I can really relate with; I've often used my phone to check some information for a movie, show, or restaurant. But what happens when I'm out of battery power? I actually recently acquired a PowerBag, a backpack which has a built-in rechargeable battery and various adapters for cell phones.

Now, coming soon, is an even easier solution: the Charged-Card is a backup battery far more accessible than a bulky backpack. It's supposed to act as an emergency charger for people on the go that can fit in your wallet. Now you can go even longer and not have to worry about not checking who directed Groundhog Day (the late Harold Ramis, for those wondering).

It's due out soon, and the article linked doesn't glean as to how well it works, but shortly we should have some reviews on it and how well it actually works.

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