Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Technology training comparison

After completing both the and Doit technology training, I would say that I prefer the online training for my personal learning style. That being said, I do want to acknowledge that there are definitely some aspects of the in-person training that I appreciated. Probably the biggest advantage to in-person training is just that; there is a person there to answer your questions and problems as they arrived. There were several times where I got stuck during the training and usually just quit trying to follow along and waited for a new segment. I also found it easier to follow along when I was not trying to watch the video and click between pages on my laptop screen.

However, on the whole was a better fit for me. I enjoyed the pacing of the videos a lot better; sometimes they were a little too fast, but I could always pause or rewind if need be. The Doit training moved at a slower pace and I felt that many parts of the tutorial were fairly intuitive, things that I probably would have skipped over or done quickly online. I also liked that I was able to go back to certain parts of the tutorial online. Having the shorter segments would be invaluable to me if I was trying to format a project using a technology I had learned about in a training session.

In sum, I would recommend the in-person training to someone who did not have a lot of confidence in their technology capabilities because of the ability to ask questions and slower pacing of an in-person session. I would also use the Doit training session again but perhaps only for a more difficult technology to learn. Overall, I would say that is a much better match for my learning style  and I would recommend to anyone interested in starting or continuing their digital education.

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