Friday, March 7, 2014

Online and In-person Training Comparison

After participating in and DoIt technology training, I have to say that both of them have their own advantages. In my opinion, online training is more flexible because you can choose the time and date that the training takes place- the web is open 24/7 after all. Another advantage linked to this is that is more content-rich and contains content from lower lever to upper level.

However, in personally, I prefer in-person training. As we know, when we are in a fixed environment and watched by instructors, it is hard for us to be distracted by other things. Actually, I paused a lot to answer a phone, have a cup of tea or check e-mails when I took the online training. After being interrupted, it is difficult to go back and focus on the class immediately. Moreover, I love the active interaction between instructor and trainees. Whenever we have any problem, we could get help from the instructor or her assistant. Sometimes, they would explain in another easily understood way. On the contrast, the only way we could do at is going back to certain parts and watch elusive sentences again. Personally, I think online training lose charisma in some ways. During in-person training, the instructor engaged the class, showed some humors and used body language so that she could get trainees excited and interested about the training.

To sum up, I would recommend in-person training to those is beginner in new technology field because of its slow pace and immediate response to questions. For those seeking for advanced training, maybe online training is a good choice.

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