Friday, April 4, 2014

Interview for Final Project

I spoke with a Children's/Youth Services librarian in a public library in the Madison area. I was especially interested in their use of Facebook to advertise programs for children and young adults. I began with some general questions about programming in the library and what the schedule looks like. I asked her specifically what their promotion plan was for teen events and also some basic questions about the library's use of Facebook in general. I was also interested in her opinion of Facebook as an advertising tool. While she wasn't sure if Facebook was what was bringing kids in to programs, she did say that is a great reminder tool, and working in conjunction with the library's monthly newsletter she is pleased with the results.

I also spoke with a couple of teenagers ranging from 13-17 years old asking their general Facebook habits, and why they may or may not be using it. I conducted these informal interviews just for a little background on teen Facebook use and to get an idea about the library's Facebook presence.

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