Sunday, April 6, 2014

QR codes in public libraries?

Technology: QR Codes
Context: Public Library
Audience: Young Adult to Adult
After doing some research, I was unable to find any public libraries using QR Codes.  I am unclear why this is the case.  Due to the fact that I couldn’t find a librarian using QR codes in their library, I interviewed a librarian about the audience that I was most interested in which is young adults. I asked her about the relationship between teens and technology. She said that teens tend to be more technology savvy than adults and tend to embrace technology . She said that technology can mean so many thing and it’s not just used for communication.  She stated that technology can be used to explore a teen’s  creativity and imagination. I asked her why she isn’t using QR codes in her library. She answered that it is on her pinterest page, but she hasn’t gotten around to exploring it. I am going to expand my research and look for academic libraries using QR codes.

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