Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rough Tumblr presentation outline

1.     What is Tumblr?
a.     Description, examples of different types of blogs
b.     How it works
                                               i.     Creating a blog
                                              ii.     Following/followers
                                            iii.     Dashboard
                                            iv.     Reblogging vs. liking
                                              v.     Tagging
2.     Librarians on Tumblr
a.     Tumblarians
                                               i.     Following book and publisher blogs
                                              ii.     Library humor
                                            iii.     Documenting library experiences
                                            iv.     Submitting to curated library blogs
                                              v.     Library news via blogs like Library Journal
b.     Library blogs
                                               i.     Bigger libraries vs. smaller libraries
                                              ii.     How successful are libraries at promoting themselves on Tumblr?
3.     Why Tumblr isn’t great for connecting libraries with patrons
a.     Anonymity
b.     No good way to comment on posts
c.      Limited demographic
4.     Why Tumblr is great at connecting librarians with other librarians
a.     Easy to find other library students, librarian blogs
                                               i.     List compiled by thelifeguardlibrarian
b.     Sense of community
                                               i.     Librarian tags
                                              ii.     Similar interests beyond library science

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