Thursday, April 3, 2014

Final Project Interview: Scratch

My expert that I interviewed is a college student who teaches Scratch to fourth and fifth grade students in an after school program. He is majoring in computer science and Japanese.

Throughout my interview, I was trying to figure out if Scratch would work as a program with in a public library setting. My expert currently teaches thirty kids for an hour once a week with four other group members. The one thing he would change about how the program is run is that the kids need to be in a bigger space. Because this program takes place after school, the children tend to be rambunctious and the computer lab is a bit to small to contain their energy. Throughout his time teaching, he has really enjoyed seeing kids develop computer skills beyond the keyboard lessons they receive in school.  

After hearing about his experiences, I am encouraged that Scratch would be a great program to run for upper elementary school kids in public library setting. I learned that there are a lot of resources for Scratch out there which includes lesson plans. 

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