Sunday, April 20, 2014

Presentation Outline-Pinterest

  • Introduction
    • History of Pinterest: a rapidly growing social media platform
    • The anatomy of a pin: why does Pinterest serve academic libraries well?
    • The Pinterest audience
  • Successful library Pinterest Accounts: Best practices
    • Content planned before beginning
    • Linked to websites and other profiles
    • Regularly updated and maintained
  • What are academic libraries pinning for patrons?
    • External resources-University of Buffalo Health Services Library
    • New book purchases, upcoming events- University of Regina Library
    • Online library resources and reference: Murray State University
    • Education and outreach for visual learners: University of Oregon Portland
  • Steenbock Memorial Library on Pinterest
    • Vision: to display collections online
    • Maintenance
    • Challenges with maintaining SML's Pinterest account
  • Conclusion

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