Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outline: Goodreads

1.     What’s Goodreads
1)      Brief introduction of Goodreads from normal users’ perspective
2)      Features of Goodreads group page
Profile, member, photo, discussion, message…
2.     What public librarians can do with Goodreads
1)      Reach new patrons
l   Generation Y
l   Homebound patrons
2)      Library service group page
l   Publish information
l   Get comments
l   Organize online activities
3)      Staff Goodreads group
3.     Strengths (compared with other social media)
l   3.4 million users, 100 million books
l   Focus on books
l   Free
l   Richer dialog
4.     Current issues
l   Reach out to patrons
l   Keep dynamic
5.     Readers advisory (an example service based on Goodreads)

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