Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outline: Wisconsin's Digital Library


·         What is Wisconsin’s Digital Library?
·         What (Who) is the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium?
·         What is OverDrive?

How important is OverDrive and is it the only game in town?

·         Why OD (or why not an Open-content platform)?
·         Who decides which platform and who selects content?
·         Collection Development Policy of the WPLC

A look at the WDL Interface (Console):

·         WDL’s Content
·         Access
·         Ease-of-use (navigation, searchability, discoverability, integration with library catalog)
·         Publishers

Issues affecting public libraries/patrons: 

·         The digital juggernaut (or are we moving to paperless libraries)?
·         Availability/Access (restricted publishers and publisher restrictions; WDL collection policy; evaluation exercise)
·         Pricing policies regarding public libraries (price comparisons; “real value of content”/ equitable model; permanence argument; libraries as book thieves)
·         Control (disappearing books; first sale doctrine/fair use; what are libraries to do; choice, community and quality)

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