Sunday, April 20, 2014

WordPress Presentation Outline

I)       Introduction
i)       About WordPress
(a)    How WordPress was created
(b)    How people post blogs
(c)    User interface
ii)      Audience & context
iii)     SLIS’s WordPress
II)     WordPress in libraries
i)       How does WordPress fit library work
(a)    Promotion of library resources
(b)    Communication between librarians and patrons
ii)      Advantages of using WordPress in libraries
(a)    Differences from Facebook & Twitter
1.      Detail-focusing blog post
2.      Academic style
(b)    Characteristics
1.      Creative tagging system
2.      Filtering of junk information
3.      Specific blog subscription
III)    Improvement of WordPress
i)       How librarians evaluate the cons of WordPress
(a)    Not “hip” enough
(b)    Lack of “like” &”share”
ii)      WordPress for young adult & teenager library patrons
(a)    Build active interactions between library services and patrons
(b)    Encourage & support different lengths & formats blog posting behaviors
IV)    Conclusion
i)       Questions 

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