Monday, April 7, 2014

YouTube's Big Transition: Moving From Amateur to Professional Era of Online Video-Richard MacManus

When I was searching for supplemental materials for this week’s reading, I found an interesting blog in ReadWriteWeb published in 2012, writtenby Richard MacManus. He argued that YouTube was transforming from amateur to professional and used some statistics evidences to prove that users were spending more time on YouTube watching less, but longer videos.

The author offered a statistics image to show that YouTube’s video views had decreased every month in 2012. Also, the threat that Facebook could suddenly become a strong competitor providing simple video sharing by buying social video apps like Viddy and Socialcam could be another concern.

As a result, the author claimed: “Despite the threat of Instagram-like video apps, YouTube is doubling down on content creation as a core feature of its site. It is doing this across the whole spectrum of content creation: from amateur to professional, with a lot of gray in-between. At the pro end of the spectrum, YouTube is busy making deals with big content creators such as professional sports leagues and Disney. It is also investing in new kinds of content creators, including the gaming network Machinima.”

At the end of the blog, the author thought that YouTube was focusing on the right stuff, that is “pushing content creation across the whole spectrum and focusing on engagement levels over views.”

MacManus, Richard. (2012, May 22). YouTube's Big Transition: Moving From Amateur to Professional Era of Online Video. Retrieved from:

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