Sunday, April 20, 2014

LibraryThing Presentation Outline

LibraryThing Presentation Outline

      I.         What is LibraryThing?
a.      Personal cataloging and social networking site
                                               i.     “Take the Tour”
b.     Cost
                                               i.     Free membership
                                              ii.     $10/year or $25/lifetime for greater than 200 books
c.      Zietgeist
                                               i.     “More information than you require”
    II.         Context and Public
a.      K-12 Public Education
b.     Educators
                                               i.     Classroom
                                              ii.     Specialists
  III.         Ramifications
a.      Benefits
                                               i.     Greater access, knowledge, and efficiency in collaboration
1.     Analytics
2.     Widgets
3.     Recommendations
                                              ii.     Common Tagging System
1.     Teacher Last Names
2.     Subject Areas
3.     Themes
                                            iii.     Greater student responsibility
1.     Ability for students to manage with little assistance
2.     Strengthen understanding of library systems and importance of catalogs
3.     Review
b.     Drawbacks
                                               i.     Startup of integrating this type of system
1.     Garnering Support
2.     Determination of tagging system
                                              ii.     Maintaining system        
1.     Need for new student training each year
2.     Process of determining which students will lead project in each class
   IV.         Conclusion and Questions

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