Sunday, April 13, 2014

Morrissey, Brian: The Benefits of Friends.

After this week’s reading, I found an interesting journal article titled: The Benefits of Friends written by Brian Morrissey. He talks about how social network websites like Facebook and Twitter can be a rich source for data merchants. He claims that according to their customers’ sharing and communication habits, advertisers are now made capable of searching for possible customers utilizing social data. “Emerging advertising companies such as Media6Degrees, 33Across, and RadiumOne are licensing huge amounts of data from instant-message clients and by sharing applications and blog services.”

In addition, I also found this instructive Ted Talk, which was made by Juan Enriquez in 2013. He uses a metaphor of tattoo to describe the influences and effects brought by the social media, and even the digital era. And he uses five enlightening stories from Ancient Greek to give instructions to deal with the situation, which is vivid and funny.

Enriquez, Juan. (2013). Your online life, permanent as a tattoo. Retrieved from: 

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