Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outline of Internet Archive Analysis

Introduction to Internet Archive
  • Non-profit organization with mission to build an Internet library and provide permanent access to digital collections for researchers
    • Founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle in San Francisco, funded by sale of Alexa Internet to
    • Recognized lack of preservation of web pages during the early development of the Internet, “Digital Dark Age” -- Internet Archive sought to solve this problem
  • Originally only focused on web pages, but in 1999 began to expand to other media
  • Now, collections include archived web pages, texts, audio, moving images, and software
Benefits for Archival Institutions
  • Archive-It Subscription Service
    • Launched in 2006, this service assists institutions in building and preserving collections of digital content
    • Institution provides a site map and specifies what content to collect and how often
    • Archive-It bot crawls website and harvests data according to this schedule
    • Service provides 24/7 access and full text search capability
    • Content hosted at Internet Archive data centers
    • Benefits:
      • Smaller archives often lack resources to preserve online content properly
      • Cheaper than in-house preservation and hosting
      • Even larger archives use this service, e.g. Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Hosting Digital Collections
    • “Virtual Library Card,” free membership allows users to upload content, post in forums, and leave reviews
    • Ideal digital collection:
      • Targeted at well-defined audience
      • Community participation
        • Multiple people can contribute high-quality content to a digital collection
        • Supports forum for community discussions
        • Users can comment on, or “review,” individual items
      • Easy-to-use interface
    • Grateful Dead Live Music Collection is an excellent example of what a digital collection should be
  • Partnerships
    • Direct partnership with Internet Archive to digitize analog material
    • Often with large institutions
      • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is digitizing space imagery: historic film, photographs, and video
      • U.S. Navy’s three academic libraries are digitizing historic publications
Challenges and Complications

  • Intellectual property rights
    • Very little consideration of intellectual property or copyright protection when first founded
    • Still has not worked out all difficulties
    • Live music collections only host material from trade-friendly artists
      • Requires effort to enforce this requirement
      • Artists can change their policies
        • Dave Matthews Band: originally allowed live recordings to be uploaded, but reversed this stance in 2003; recordings were taken down

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