Sunday, April 20, 2014

LinkedIn and Academic Libraries

Introduction to LinkedIn
-       What is it?

Using LinkedIn in Academic Libraries
-       Community instruction
-       Research instruction for students
o   LinkedIn as a database

What makes a good profile?
-       Basics of the profile
-       Tips for creating a profile that will get you noticed
o   First impressions are important
§  Profile Picture
§  Headline
o   Personalized URL
o   Summary
o   Recommendations
o   Samples of work/ relevant coursework
o   Volunteer history

-       Job Searching
-       Networking
o   Groups
o   Connections

Why should students care?
-       Negatives outlook from students
o   I’m not looking for a job so I don’t need to start a profile yet
o   I’ll just wait until after I graduate
o   It won’t actually be that useful

-       Advantages of starting a LinkedIn account early
o   Making connections now more than ever
o   Companies use LinkedIn as a headhunting tool
§  You might find a job using LinkedIn before you graduate


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