Sunday, April 20, 2014

Twitter and Public Libraries Outline

I.    What is Twitter?
     a.    Brief introduction to the general idea of Twitter
     b.    How it works
          i.    Tweets
          ii.    Hashtags
          iii.    Retweets
          iv.    Following/friends
     c.    Costs of use
     d.    How supplementary programs can make your Twitter life easier

II.    Context
     a.    For library workers
          i.    Connect with users in a new way
          ii.    See what people are saying outside of the library
     b.    For the public
          i.    A chance to “talk” with their library
          ii.    Get immediate responses to questions

III.    Benefits & drawbacks
     a.    Benefits
          i.    Different user demographic than other social media websites
          ii.    Can connect with other libraries
          iii.    Outreach made (relatively) easy
               1.    Library users
               2.    Library nonusers
     b.    Drawbacks
          i.    Gaining attention
          ii.    Availability beyond 9-5
          iii.    Finding an interesting voice
          iv.    Avoiding spam
          v.    Potential blunders

IV.    Conclusion
     a.    Questions?

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