Saturday, April 19, 2014

Video: Is price the key to e-book revolution?

Many this week’s readings discuss about price factor in e-book revolution. I found an interesting video to talk about this issue on YouTube.
The interviewees of the video are Stuart Anderson (Editor at EN Magazine), Kevin Duffy (publisher at Blue Moose), Mark Cantrell (Indie author and journalist for Excel Publishing), Sara Slack (of new publishing house Inspired Quill) and Roy Rowlands (Cognitive Publishing).
Price is fast becoming a market-driver for the e-book, with places such as Amazon offering discounted rates and free releases and other retailers charging more for the electronic version that the printed paperback. In the interview, they talks about whether the price of e-books and e-readers prove to be the most important catalyst of the “e-book revolution” and point out other factors being overlooked.
This video is a part of Round Table hosted by UKFast. Round Table are discussions among the UK's leading entrepreneurs, business owners and experts. Covering all areas of business and current affairs, these lively debates offer valuable insight, opinion and knowledge.
UKFast. Is price the key to e-book revolution? YouTube. Oct 20, 2011. Web.

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