Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scratch Outline

I. The Creation of Scratch
A. MIT and Mitchel Resnick’s Hopes for Scratch
B. Aims of Scratch

II. How Coding Benefits Kids
A. Why it Benefits Kids in the Present
1. Education
2. Socially
B. How Scratch Helps Kids’ Futures
C. Scratch Success in Encouraging Kids Pursue Tech Jobs

III. Scratch in Libraries
A. Approaches to Running Scratch
B. What it Needed to Run a Scratch Program
C. Promotion of Scratch
D. Resource for a Scratch Program

IV. How Scratch Can Improve
A. Features
B. Scratch for Older People

V. Beyond Elementary Kids and Scratch
A. Programs Kids can Move on To
B. How Scratch can Help All Ages
1. College Kids and Scratch
2. Parents and Scratch
C. Resources for Future Code learning

VI. Conclusion and Questions

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