Friday, April 4, 2014

Blogger's Ted Talk

In this Ted Talk, Mena Trott talks about her life as a blogger and the beginning of the blogging community. It ties in a lot with the readings for this week in its discussion of the new ways we are consuming media through the internet and non-journalist news writing. Trott discusses her experiences blogging and what led her to make this career choice. She also goes into the audiences that you can attract on blogs, and how to reach the people that you want to reach. She has some pretty funny anecdotes in her talk,  and brings a lot of interesting information on blogs to the table.

Mena Trott is a blogger and cofounder of Six Apart, which creates blogging software. Her personal blog, DollarShort, "is a strong voice explaining the role of personal blogging in today's culture." She and her husband, with whom she founded Six Apart, developed Moveable Type, and the blog hosting service TypePad. They have also acquired LiveJournal and Vox, providing people worldwide with software and a voice.

Even though this talk is from 2006, I think it provides a great overview of the blogging revolution and the changes that took place during this time, and also a contrast to the changes that have since taken place.

Trott, M. (2006). Mena Trott: Meet the founder of the blog revolution. [Video File]. Retrieved from

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