Sunday, April 20, 2014

Facebook, Advertising, and Teens

1.       Facebook
a.       Social networking site
b.      Free
c.       Uses:
                                                              i.      Personal
                                                            ii.      Professional/Advertising
2.       How to use Facebook for advertising:
a.       Techniques
3.       Pros of library use in outreach to teens:
a.       Linked accounts
b.      More privacy features
c.       Customizable
d.      Pages can be “liked”
e.      Posts can be designed to instigate conversations
4.       Cons of library use in outreach to teens:
a.       Teens are difficult to get into the library
b.      Dropped from 42-23% of teens saying Facebook was their preferred social media choice
                                                              i.      Twitter and Instagram use have increased
c.       Inaccurate Information
d.      Posting technique important
e.      Many people don’t know the library has a FB page or may not follow it for other reasons
5.       Future of Facebook use for the library
a.       Multiple platforms
6.       Conclusions/Questions

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