Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outline for Second Life in Public Libraries Presentation

     1)      Introduction: Main Aspects of Second Life
a)      Create customizable and interactive spaces
b)      Interact with other players (e.g. avatars)
c)       Customize the look of your avatar
d)      Create/belong to a community
           2)      Body
a)      Benefits to Library Patrons within the Public Library Reference Services
i)        Creative space
ii)       Reach an wider audience not coming to the library
b)      Possible Drawbacks
i)        Lack of staff
ii)       Lack of Marketing
iii)     Lose of interest in technology
c)       Demographics of SL users
           3)      Conclusion: Future of Virtual Platforms in the Public Library
a)      Minecraft…the next big thing?
i)        How is it being used
ii)       What are people, especially librarians saying
b)      Other 3-D examples
i)        Madison Public Library – the Bubbler
ii)       Arapahoe [Colorado] Libraries – Oculus Rift Gaming Headset

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