Sunday, April 6, 2014

Demand Media-What are they Up To Now?

After reading Basen's "Age of the Algorithm" article for this week, I wanted to learn more about Demand Media. "Here's A Look At Demand Media's Latest Efforts" reports Demand Media's strategy. In February 2011, Google altered their algorithm with the "Panda Update" intending to cut back on unreliable content, such as that produced by "content farms". Demand Media has been changing their business strategy ever since. Most recently, they have begun selling content to businesses to host. One example cited in this article is a Demand Media article titled "Organizing Ideas for Small Homes" hosted by For information professionals, I think this article complements Basen's ideas well in a discussion about who creates online content and where our information comes from. This article also questions how successful this strategy is in maintaining content. With the aid of Google's algorithm, are content farms on their way out?

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