Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Women and Blogging: The Next Chapter

One of the articles that struck a chord with me this week was the piece written on "Mommy Blogging". After searching recent news on blogging, I was able to find a Scotland Herald article from last week that also explored how women use the internet. The article, called Women bloggers find a voice online- and in print, touched on a variety of issues related to blogging. The first was that women are beginning to use blogging as more of a political tool. One example of this is the website Everyday Sexism blog where women post about sexist experiences from their lives. The article then talks about how many women have gotten book deals from their blogs, with a brief shout out to mommy bloggers. Like the Mommy Bloggers article, the theme of this piece was that blogs are bringing empowerment to women everywhere, by giving them a voice.

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