Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not just "mommy bloggers"

As noted by one of this week's readings, "The radical act of 'mommy blogging': Redefining motherhood through the blogosphere," the online community isn't always friendly toward women. Lists of "top blogs" and other resources often omit or poorly represent blogs created and written by women. Well, here's a list of 100 blogs run by women that are entertaining, popular, and high quality blogs. The list was compiled by a social media marketing company, but it's a pretty solid list regardless.

Despite what the stereotype of the "mommy blogger" might suggest, the blogs on the list cover a wide array of topics and personalities (yes, including family and child-rearing, but much more). It's interesting to note, though, that even on a list like this there are still some gaps. (No section for science, only technology? I'm disappointed...) Take a look at the comments, too. They're full of additional links suggested by readers.

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