Sunday, February 2, 2014

Video: The Power of Shared Library Data at the Network Level

In this week’s reading, The first 30 years of the Internet through the lens of an academic library, Beth Sandore Namachchivaya mentions that in 1982, patrons at University of Illinois used bibliographic database system like OCLC or RLIN, both database of MARC catalog records, to locate a book. Moreover, the author points out the development of local integrated catalog from card catalog to online public access catalogs in the library technology environment.
The discussion about online cataloging reminds me of the speech, The Power of Shared Library Data at the Network Level, at ALA Annual in Chicago June 29, 2013.
In the speech, Ted Fons, OCLC Executive Director, Data Services and WorldCat Quality Management, and Richard Wallis, OCLC Technology Evangelist, demonstrated why we must use the latest ideas and technologies to make our shared library data consumable by Web services and rethink the model of shared cataloging.
The widespread of network contributed to the appearance of online cataloging couple years ago. Unfortunately, now few librarians realize that it's not enough to have collections accessible only through an online catalog, but need to weave library data throughout the Web. This speech can initiate professional librarians’ thinking on management of entities on the web.
Ted Fons, Richard Wallis. “The Power of Shared Library Data at the Network Level”. OCLC. 29 June. 2013. Web. 2 Feb. 2014.

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