Sunday, February 23, 2014

UW-Madison's Games Learning Society Program

With regards to the use of technology and its practical use in the classroom, I'd be very disappointed in myself for not mentioning the Games Learning Society program at UW-Madison, part of the School of Curriculum and Instruction. It's a small section of C+I that focuses on gamespaces and how they can teach things to students in a controlled setting.

While it's very true that devices such as smartphones and media players should be regulated in classrooms in order to keep student's attention on the curriculum, it's important to make sure that the students also embrace learning in a space that they feel comfortable in. GLS explores ways to use this new technology in order to teach students through fun, educational environments. They also have done quite a bit of research as to shared game spaces and their impact on one's learning and literacy, both technological and otherwise.

I've taken a few courses through their department (and have been subscribed to their mailing list for a few years), and have always been quite pleased to hear more about their progress.

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