Monday, February 10, 2014

Digital preservation in China

Some of this week's readings have discussed about digital preservation, which attracts me a lot since I have heard that concept when I was an undergraduate in China. And I can remember that I used to read some articles that pointed out several difficulties in the process of information digitization in China based on the fact that China has a late start in the field. Therefore, after this week's readings, I become curious again about the current situation of digital preservation in China and I have found two interesting materials.

The first one is a scholarly article, "Long-term preservation of digital information in China: some problems and solutions", written by Jiazhen, Liu and Peng, Du. The authors introduce the situation of digital preservation in China till the end of the first decade of the 21st century and analyze the existing problems during the conducting process. They argue that the lack of funds and public platforms are the main difficulties that restrict the development of long-term preservation of digital information in China, in my opinion, which is pretty enlightening.

Also, I find an interesting news in, which itself is a facinating website: "Chinese cultural artifacts that are in Europe go back, digitally, to China". The news provides the information that some Chinese artifacts that are held in Europe might be able to be back home by advanced 3D technology.

I think that China is a representative instance as a developing country with a development in digital preservation, that's why I choose to put these two articles here and I think they might be helpful if someone is also interested in the situation of digital preservation in developing countries.

Liu, J., & Du, P. (2009). Long-term preservation of digital information in china: Some problems and solutions. Program,43(2), 175-186. doi: Retrieved from:

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