Wednesday, February 5, 2014

NPR: Record Label Picks Copyright Fight--With The Wrong Guy

      This article explains how Lawrence Lessig, a famous copyright attorney and a Harvard Law School professor, had his video taken down from YouTube.  It explains that he was threatened by Liberation Music that if he didn’t take the video down that they would sue him. However Mr. Lessig knew his rights and Liberation Music backed down. “But Lessig decided to invoke another part of the copyright law, "which basically polices bad-faith lawsuits," he says — threats made fraudulently or without proper basis.”(NPR) He decided to sue the company back.
     I loved this article. I wasn’t aware until this article that there was a clause in copyright law that fights against bad-faith lawsuits. I think it is important that we are always aware of our rights as librarians and as citizens.  I picked this article due to the fact that we discuss Copyright Law and Fair Use in some of our articles this week.

Sydell, L. (2013, September 27). Record Label Picks Copyright Fight - With The Wrong Guy. NPR. Retrieved February 5, 2014, from

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