Sunday, February 2, 2014

TED Talk - Brewster Kahle: A free digital library

The first 30 years of the internet through the lens of an academic library discussed how the internet has impacted libraries, particularly the academic library, and the changes libraries have had to make to programming, services, and access to information because of the internet. Brewster Kahle: A Free Digital Library discusses similar changes that libraries are making because of technology and the ever increasing access to the internet and therefore information across the world. While his stated goal of  "universal access to all knowledge" is a seemingly impossible task, the internet has made this goal attainable. As he states, we have the ability to "one up the Greeks". Instead of creating a physical library filled with all of the world's knowledge that one must travel thousands of miles to access, we now have the ability to create such a library located within the internet that anyone in any part of the world can access whenever the wish. The role of the academic library has been shaped and changed as the internet has grown, but now not only can the physical library house access to the internet, the internet can also be home to the digital library.

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