Thursday, February 6, 2014

Google Books Court Case

I was weirdly interested with the court case going on around Google Books. Usually my eyes skim over and do not process any information when I am reading about laws, but I have used Google Books before and the case genuinely interests me. Our readings are about access to all sorts of resources and the Lessig piece specifically mentioned Google Books and the court case. All three authors of the piece are involved with laws surrounding technology and fair use. The article lays out what has been happening fairly recently with the court case. In the article, it gives a bit of the history of the court case and then lays out the terms of "fair use" with in the law. My favorite part of the article is the end. The last part of the article explains Google Books from Judge Chin in the terms of "fair use." The last part of the article was really great. It explains the law and where a judge sees Google Books falling into each part.  

Werbin, Bary and Meltzer, Bryan. "Google Books is (Legally) "Transformative."" The Entertainment, Arts and Sports Blog. New York State Bar Association. Nov. 22, 2013. Web. Feb. 6, 2014.

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