Sunday, February 2, 2014

NPR:40 Years Later, Looking Back At The Internet's Birth

NPR does a great series on the development of the internet called NPR: 40 Years, Looking Back At the Internet's Birth.  Since some of our articles discuss the birth of the internet, I thought this was appropriate. In this section they talk to Bob Taylor, one of the many, many, many founders of the internet. He and his co-workers helped build a way for computers to communicate to one another. I would highly recommend listening to the story. Its only 11 minutes and 26 seconds long.  Its much better than reading the transcript from the interview. The other series are just as informative and worth a listen if you want to know more.

Raz, G. (2009, November 1). 40 Years Later, Looking Back At The Internet's Birth. NPR. Retrieved February 3, 2014, from

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