Sunday, February 9, 2014

Digital Preservation at the Library of Congress: Past, Present and Future

As an addition to this week's readings, I'm including a brief video from YouTube about the Library of Congress's Digital Preservation Efforts. The information presented by Tim O'Reilly, Dan Gilmor, Martha Anderson, Martin Halbert, Kris Carpenter, John Spencer, and William Kilbride, along with the images within the short video, support the ideas presented within our texts, especially within the issue of preserving paper vs. digital items. The NDIIPP (National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program) and NDSA (National Digital Stewardship Alliance) are also highlighted. You can access the video here (it runs about 7 minutes):

"Digital Preservation at the Library of Congress: Past, Present and Future"

As an extra video, also by the Library of Congress, I'm including "Snow Byte and the Seven Formats, a digital preservation fairy tale," a spin on the popular fairy tale which includes digital repositories, archives, file formats, metadata, data-mining, XML, and more!

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